General advice for your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are friendly and easily tamed but they require commitment and regular attention. They can live for up to 10 years and require your regular attention to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

Guinea pigs are social animals and so should not be alone. However it is recommended to choose two young litter mates of the same gender to make sure they don’t fight.  Guinea pigs need a large, secure, weatherproof home that is kept off the ground and out of direct sunlight and strong winds.  They should have a separate sleeping area which is covered from the weather, and a clean layer of hay or shredded paper for bedding.   It is recommended to clean the home every day and to change bedding each week.

Daily exercise is recommended in a large, grassy area free from predators.

Long-coated guinea pigs need to be combed, ideally each day.

Guinea pigs should be fed twice a day with a mixture of meadow hay, pellets, washed fruit and vegetables.  They require a constant supply of fresh, clean water in a drop-feed bottle with a metal spout.

Guinea pigs should be checked regularly for overgrown claws and teeth.  Too much scratching results from skin problems and is often caused by lice or mites.  Long-haired guinea pigs in particular may suffer from the potentially fatal disease flystrike, caused by flies laying eggs in soiled fur.  Regular cleaning of the guinea pig’s home and regular bedding change is important, as is regular grooming to check for dirt.

We welcome you to book an appointment with us to discuss how to keep your guinea pig in optimum mental and physical health and to discuss any concerns you have.