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TPLO Surgery: The Gold Standard for Cruciate repair in dogs

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Cruciate disease, also known as cruciate ruptures or ACL injuries (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), affects dogs and is a common cause of lameness. This ligament resides within the knee joint of all dogs and, when injured, leads to instability and discomfort. Healing ligaments can be challenging because they lack a direct blood supply. Rest and stability are crucial during recovery, but in dogs, this can be difficult as they live in the moment and may inadvertently worsen the injury.

The solution to this issue is TPLO surgery, which stands for Tibial Plateau Level Osteotomy. TPLO involves restructuring the knee joint by cutting and rotating the tibia bone to eliminate the need for the injured cruciate ligament. Stainless steel implants, including a TPLO plate and screws, provide temporary stability as the bone heals.

What Are the Benefits of TPLO Surgery?

TPLO surgery offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved stability of the knee joint
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Enhanced range of motion and mobility
  • Reduced risk of arthritis development
  • Faster recovery compared to alternative surgical techniques

The Recovery Process:

After TPLO surgery, your pet’s recovery process includes:

  • A night in the hospital with pain management
  • Restricted activity for 6 weeks, with leash walks for the first 2 weeks and gradually increasing activity in the following 4 weeks
  • Pain management through prescribed medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Follow-up appointments to monitor your pet’s progress and ensure proper healing

In conclusion, TPLO surgery is a highly effective technique with a strong success rate in restoring dogs to normal function. This description provides an overview of your pet’s condition and the options for their future well-being. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic.