Anal gland removal : a simple surgical solution for dog scooting

Removing Anal Gland from Dogs

It’s a behaviour that all pet parents dread: dog scooting. Your dog dragging his bottom across the floor while sitting is a sign of discomfort, often linked to anal gland problems, allergies or irritation. For the comfort of your dog, anal gland removal is sometimes the solution.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

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Anal Sac Removal for Your Pet’s Comfort

At Sandringham Veterinary Hospital, we provide a crucial service that addresses the common causes of scooting and offers a multitude of benefits for your beloved pet through Anal Sac Removal. By choosing this procedure, you ensure a more comfortable and pain-free life for your furry friend.

Common Causes of Scooting:

Dogs may scoot for three main reasons:

Worms: Roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms can lead to discomfort and scooting. We recommend all-wormer products like Drontal or Milpro for effective treatment.

Allergies: Dietary allergies or contact allergies from grassy areas can trigger itchiness, leading to scooting.

Anal Glands: Full or infected anal glands can be sore, prompting dogs to rub their bottom on the floor to alleviate discomfort.

The Benefits of Anal Sac Removal:

Pain Relief: Anal gland issues can cause immense pain and discomfort for your pet. Anal Sac Removal offers immediate relief, allowing your pet to move, sit, and walk without the agony they might have previously experienced.

Improved Quality of Life: After Anal Sac Removal, your pet’s overall quality of life dramatically improves. They can enjoy their daily activities without the constant discomfort, making for a happier and more active pet.

Preventive Measure: This procedure is not only about addressing existing issues but also serving as a preventive measure. By removing problematic anal sacs, you’re protecting your pet from future complications and the associated pain.

The Anal Gland Removal Procedure:

Our skilled veterinarians begin with a comprehensive examination, followed by expert anesthesia management to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during the procedure. The anal gland removal is a precise and straightforward process, resulting in your pet’s immediate comfort and well-being.

Witness the Transformation:

With Sandringham Veterinary Hospital, you’ll witness the remarkable transformation as your pet says goodbye to painful anal gland problems and the common causes of scooting. They’ll embrace a life full of comfort, vitality, and joy.

Start the Journey:

Contact us today to arrange a consultation and begin the journey to a happier, healthier life for your pet. At Sandringham Veterinary Hospital, we’re dedicated to ensuring your pet’s well-being and happiness.