General veterinary advice for your mouse or rat

Mice and rats make excellent pets. They are sociable animals who require companionship, so it is recommended to house at least two animals together.

When choosing a home for your pet remember that bigger is better! Select the largest cage possible, making sure that it is well ventilated, easy to clean, and predator/escape proof. The cage lid should be hinged to allow access to the animals and facilitate cleaning. Be sure to provide a small dark nesting box, fitted as a gallery close to the lid of the cage, with access to the box supplied via ramp, as mice suffer great stress if such a retreat is not available.

The floor of the cage should allow for good shaving litter 2.5cm deep with ample bedding straw cover or paper. Ensure that the area you choose to keep your pet’s cage is draught-free and will not be prone to severe weather conditions, as mice are prone to heat and cold stress. Mice are also sensitive to dust and sprays, so be mindful to ensure that your pet does not come into contact with either. Clean the cage regularly and change the bedding to avoid ammonia build-up. Finally, make sure to provide dripper type water bottles, which are less likely to be contaminated or tipped over, and can be filled without having to open the cage.

Mice and rats like to climb, so it is recommended to provide ropes and ladders and a strong exercise wheel.

Ensure that a shallow dish of fresh water is provided both for drinking and for regular grooming/washing.

It is recommended to handle your pet daily to check for signs of ill-health.