Sandringham Vet Hospital has developped an Early Hip Dysplasia Prevention program for at-risk puppies

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Our Commitment to Excellence:

At Sandringham Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care without the high costs often associated with referral hospitals.

Understanding Hip Dysplasia:

Hip dysplasia is a common orthopedic concern that affects the hip joint’s normal development, leading to pain, lameness, and osteoarthritis. Certain breeds, including Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and more, are at a higher risk of developing hip dysplasia. While genetics play a significant role, it is not always predictable.

Early Hip Dysplasia Prevention for Puppies:

At Sandringham Veterinary Hospital, we’re here to make pet care accessible, even for those at risk of hip dysplasia. Our Early Hip Dysplasia Prevention program is a simple and budget-friendly solution to keep your puppy’s hips healthy.

Introducing Early Prevention:

Our program targets at-risk puppies, offering a low-cost solution to prevent future hip problems. It’s essential to act before your puppy reaches 20 weeks of age.

Key Benefits:

Low-Cost Option: Our program is budget-friendly, making it easy for pet parents to invest in their puppy’s long-term well-being.

Early Intervention: By addressing hip health early, you can minimize the need for expensive treatments down the road.

Simple Procedure: The prevention process is straightforward and minimally invasive, ensuring your puppy’s comfort.

The Early Hip Dysplasia Prevention Procedure:

During a short procedure, we create scarring in your puppy’s growth plate to help the hip joint develop correctly. It’s a low-impact process that ensures better hip coverage as your puppy grows.

Act Now for a Brighter Future:

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule an evaluation for your puppy between 14-16 weeks of age to determine if they are at risk.